You’ve probably unwrapped a rich, slightly bitter, dark chocolate orange, wrapped in silver foil before. But where did this delicious holiday treat originate? Terry’s Chocolate Oranges have a history as rich and sweet as the chocolate itself. Let’s unwrap this slice of history!

This famous Christmas time treat was first sold in 1932 in York, England. Originally dubbed the “Dessert Chocolate Orange,” and packaged neatly in the small box we know it to be in today, Terry’s Chocolate Orange was not the first chocolate product the company made. Instead, the O.G. Terry’s Chocolate fruit was actually Terry’s Chocolate Apple! However, the taste of Terry’s Chocolate Apple pales in comparison to the delicious Chocolate Orange.

However, the actual creation of this holiday chocolate originates in 1823 – over a century before it was ever sold. Joseph Terry joined a confectionary shop in Bootham Bar, York. He later took over the shop, and after his death, left the company to his sons and grandsons. When Frank and Noel Terry took over the company in 1923, they revamped it and began to sell the tasty oranges found in our stockings today.

Terry’s Chocolate Works did not just produce delicious chocolate, however. During WWII, from 1939-1945, the factory began to produce aircraft materials, rather than chocolate, to better aid the war. The factory was returned to the chocolate company, but it was difficult to get the business back and up-and-running because of war rationing and limited imports.

Terry’s Chocolate Works has released many more flavours than simply the Chocolate Orange and Apple. A Chocolate Lemon was introduced in 1979 (but it was sadly discontinued in 1982, only three years later. What a tragedy!). The Chocolate Apple was also nixed after production costs due to WWII made it too expensive to produce. Instead, the company invested in creating more Chocolate Oranges, which was clearly the right choice. Other flavours include raspberry, birthday cake, toffee, cookie crunch, and many others. But, of course, nothing beats that delicious Chocolate Orange!

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is also popular at Easter, but it sells all year round. It is estimated that, on average, 9 million UK households buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange every year. The brand even hit shelves in South Korea in 2017!

In short, the next time you peel back that silver foil and breath in the rich, chocolatey, orangey smell, you can remember all that you have learned about the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Happy holidays!

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