10 Tips on acing that cake

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The London Cake Academy UK shows a cake decorated in buttercream and sprinkles with green frosting on top

1. Let it cool

We all know that cake is a delicate thing, and when you let it come completely to room temperature before icing, it’s still tender and fragile. Instead of simply trying to frost it at room temperature, wrap the layers in cling film and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours or even overnight if you have time.

2. Cut it evenly

Cutting your layers evenly will make stacking your cake easier, it also makes for a pretty slice. You can use a serrated knife, a cake cutting wire, or an Agbay. Each does the job just as well. I like the Agbay as you can alter the depth of the layers very accurately. I prefer to use 1-inch cake layers sandwiching them with about half an inch of frosting

3. Make it interesting

I only put jams and compotes in the middle layer but you can put them on every layer if you want to. Nuts, choc chips, and crushed biscuits are also very good to add an alternate texture.

4. Keep it level

Starting with the top of the cake spread the frosting all the way to the outer edge of each layer. Then, frost the sides. Place the cake on a turntable, and spin it around as you frost to even out the coating.

5. Smooth it.

Use a metal scraper that’s taller than your cake to aid your frosting to be as smooth as possible, keeping it straight both vertically and horizontally.

6. re-chill it

Pop your cake back into the fridge before your final frosting so its easier to scrape back and smooth out those tiny details

7. Trex your table

I use Trex (Crisco) on my work surface to stop my sugarpaste (fondant) from sticking to the table, it’s then easier to stick to the frosted cakes and even dummies too as it already has a light coating on the underneath.

8. Use a pair

Use two smoothers to smooth out your sugarpaste (fondant) coating. One to smooth and the other to stop you from leaving finger marks all over the cake

9. Sharpen it

Flexi smoothers will aid you in getting that very fashionable sharp edge on your cake surface edge. Take your time and buff the edges with the Flexi soothers, you will be surprised just how sharp you can get it.

10. Don’t forget it

Decorate the cake board, this is an important and often forgotten opportunity to enhance your cakes. You can even use it to inscribe the birthday message or just add a name.


Hopefully, these small tips will make it easier for you to ace your cake.


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